2016 over 35 Tournament

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Due to the recent cancellation of the SA Sports Tours Vets Tournament, Callies will now be holding a over 35 tournament on the 27th and 28th May. There will be R 5000 worth of prize money, thanks to DB Fine Chemicals/Specialists.

Games start at 5PM and finish at 9PM on the 27 May and then start at 9am and finish at 4PM on 28 May.

There will be a Callies Legends vs Invitational XI at 2:20PM on 28 May.

They need your support!

2016 Vets Football Tournament (CANCELLED)

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The 2016 / 2017 Season is here !!!

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Junior (u8 - u16) Soccer

Membership (per annum)
R 320 - 1st Child
R 270 - 2nd Child
R 220 - 3rd Child
R  60 - 4th Child
R 120 - Parents

Training started on Monday 14th March and continues every following Monday and Wednesday from 6PM - 7:30PM.

Matches are played on a Sunday between 10am and 4PM. u8 with start at 10am and other age groups will follow on, in order, after that. The first league match is currently scheduled to start on the 10 April however, this is not "set in stone" and could possibly change.

Senior Soccer

Membership (per annum)
R 380 - u18 & Students
R 400 - Seniors

Training started the end of February and is every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:30PM - 8:30PM.

Matches are played on a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday and the first league matches are scheduled to start on the 15th April however, this is not "set in stone" and could possibly change.

Other Membership (per annum)

R 250 - Social
R 120 - Pensioner
​ll Members

NOTE: All members, for all sections and age groups, are required to complete a registration form, indemnity form and sign the code of conduct. New registrations also require two colour ID photos.

All members are allowed to hire the club for any functions, birthday parties, etc. at a cost of R 1 000. This includes the cost of the venue hire, barmen, and cleaning of the venue the following morning. Bookings need to be made in advance.

116 Year Anniversary

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We had our 116 Year Anniversary evening for all ex players on the 29 May this year. It went off with a bang, the beer was flowing and the snacks were hot.
Have a look at some of the photos, click here.

Lucky Draw

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Our first lucky draw will take place on Thursday 20 March at 20:30. It will then continue on the first Wednesday and the third Thursday of every month.
R5 will get you 1 ticket and you have to choose 3 numbers between 1 and 29. The pot will start at R 1000. If the pot is not won on the night, ticket sales from the night will be added on to the pot for the following draw. If the pot is won on the night, the amount will be transferred electronically the following day. We do not carry the cash on us.
We will also be having a happy hour from 20:00 - 21:00 with all beers costing R10.

2014 !

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Annual fees for 2014 will be as follows:
R 350 for Seniors
R 330 for Students
R 275 for first Junior child
R 225 for second Junior child
R 175 for third Junior child
R   50 for fourth Junior child
R 230 for Social members
R 110 for Pensioners

Senior training is scheduled to start on Tuesday 18 February at 18:30.

Junior training is scheduled to start on Monday 17 March at 18:00.
Junior registration will take place on Sunday 9 March and Sunday 16 March between 12:00 and 15:00.

All are welcome! We hope to see you and you young stars in the making at Callies.

115 Year Anniversary Weekend

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Please click here to view all of the photo's.

Weekend Soccer Results

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28 July 2013
Premiers 4 PE City 0
Reserves 9 PE City 0
Thistles 4 Hackers 1
Colts 2 St Georges Knights 2
21 July 2013
Premiers 1 Hearts 0
Reserves 1 Hearts 0
Thistles 3 St Georges Colts 2
Hackers 0 Baila FC (Walk Over) 0
Colts 3 Bluewater Bay 0
14 July 2013
Premiers (Postponed) 0 Motherwell 0
Reserves 0 Motherwell 0
Thistles 2 St Georges Rangers 1
Hackers 2 St Georges Colts 5
7 July 2013
Premiers 1 Warriors 0
Reserves 2 Warriors 3
Thistles 3 Squares 5
Hackers 1 St Georges Rangers 3
Colts 1 Hearts Tropics 3
30 June 2013
Premiers 4 Central Acemates 1
Reserves 1 Central Acemates 1
23 June 2013 (K/O)
Premiers 3 Kwadesi All Stars 2
Reserves 2 Central Acemates 0
Thistles 0 St Georges Colts 3
Hackers (Walk Over) 0 PE SAPS 0
Colts 3 Squares B 0
9 June 2013
Premiers 5 Kwadesi All Stars 1
Reserves 3 Kwadesi All Stars 1
Thistles 1 PE SAPS 2
Hackers 0 PE Home Rovers 8

Weekend Soccer Results

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The Premiers and Reserves played against Hearts on Friday night, at the Lawson Brown fields.
The Premiers lead from the start with Hearts catching up a goal each time. The half time score was 2 - 1 to Callies and the final score was 3 - 2 to Callies. The goal scorers for Callies were Nizaam Ajam, Odwa Dumane and Chad Schimper.
The Reserves lost 2 - 1 in a hotly contested game with penalties for both sides and some interesting refereeing decisions. 

Weekend Soccer Results

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The Castle League team played against Hotspurs and unfortunately lost 4 - 1 to them. Zaahid Dolley scored a penalty for Callies.
The Premiers and Reserves played against Motherwell Academy at Callies on Friday night. The Premiers drew 1 - 1 and the Reserves lost 2 - 1.

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