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With the increase in membership, it became obvious that the club needed bigger premises as the Little House on the Prairie was hopelessly inadequate.
Despite all the successful fundraising the Club still didnt have sufficient money to build what we wanted. So, it was decided that Callies would have to provide the labour.

Anyone with any remote connection with the building industry was roped in and a start was made. The foundations were cast by players, committee members and junior parents. This seemed to spur people and more volunteers came readily.
When the superstructure was being built obviously skilled tradesmen were used, but Callies supplied the labour and there were more than a few sore backs and arms during this time. It is a wonder the players could turn out for a game on a Saturday!

Finally, by June 1985, the ground floor was complete — comprising two dressing rooms, a garage and a tuck shop/bar/committee room.

It was a few years before the first floor was completed, but the same procedure was adopted, with Callies members supplying the labour until finally on 8 September 1989, the Clubhouse was officially opened by the Director of Parks, Mr P. Gibbs.

All this communal activity produced an incredible camaraderie within the Club, as has been borne out by the team results during this period.