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Coach: Munier Safedien
Manager: Daryl Ausmeier
Training: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:30

2012 P.E.F.A League Champions, P.E.F.A. KO Cup Winners, P.E.F.A. Mayoral Cup Winners, S.A.F.A MTN Cup Runner-Up and promoted to SAB Regional League

2011 P.E.F.A League Champions

2010 Swallows 75th Anniversary Tournament Winners, Mayoral Cup Challenge Champions and P.E.F.A League Champions

2009 P.E.F.A. League Champions

2008 P.E.F.A. League Champions, P.E.F.A. KO Cup Winners & NEDBANK Cup Winners

2005 P.E.F.A. League Champions, P.E.F.A. KO Cup Winners &METRO Cup Winners

2004 P.E.F.A. League Champions

2001 P.E.F.A. League Champions & P.E.F.A. KO Cup Winners

2000 P.E.F.A. League Champions

1992 P.E.F.U. League Champions

1990 E.P.F.A. League Champions

1989 E.P.F.A. League Champions

1984 E.P.F.A. League Champions, E.P.F.A. KO Cup & BUSAF CUP WINNERS

1983 E.P.F.A. League Champions & E.P.F.A. KO Cup Winners

1982 E.P.F.A. League Champions & E.P.F.A. KO Cup Winners

1981 E.P.F.A. KO Cup Winners

1980 E.P.F.A. League Champions


1959 E.P.F.A. League Champions

1958 E.P.F.A. League Champions, E.P.F.A. Cup Winners, DEWAR Shield & HARBOUR Shield Winners

1957 E.P.F.A. League Champions

1955 E.P.F.A. League Champions

1954 E.P.F.A. Cup Winners

1933 DEWAR Shield Winners

1932 E.P.F.A. League Champions

1931 E.P.F.A. League Champions & DEWAR Shield Winners

1930 E.P.F.A. League Champions & DEWAR Shield Winners

1929 E.P.FA. League Champions

1928 DEWAR Shield Winners

1902 E.P.F.A. League Champions

1901 E.P.F.A. League Champions

1899 E.P.F.A. League Champions
E.P.F.A. = Eastern Province Football Association
E.P.F.U. = Eastern Province Football Union
P.E.F.A. = Port Elizabeth Football Association